In a time of constant changes with tasks to be managed only at a global level, an open-minded view outside the box is a prerequisite for the sustained success of our company and the people that run it. A categorization of our own segments and activities in the supra-regional and cross-industry context offers the unique opportunity of becoming acquainted with new developments and of adapting them – but also of intensely looking to our own core competencies and their further development potential.

itf is a platform for the mutual exchange of technology and architecture and stands for the joint development of visions around the subject of „lightweight construction“. Drywall and lightweight construction systems, like no other form of construction, offer unrestricted freedom of design, comprehensive technological solutions and economic efficiency in terms of sustainability and flexibility.

The Congress demonstrates how future-oriented construction can be realized in the construction industry overall chain of wealth creation. Experts will discuss trends, the future of what is feasible, influences on the natural environment and consumption of resources, costs and values.

Leading drywall construction institutions, VHT and ITL, in cooperation with the Federal Association for Drywall Construction, BIG, has made its goal the support of a comprehensive exchange of knowledge, further education and sensitization of the public in this future-oriented segment of the construction and real estate industry.

The paradigm change has begun. A new era is starting for one of the most important and most active segments of our society: The construction and real estate industry.

We look forward to greeting you in Potsdam.