A climate-neutral event *

Foto: darmstadtium / juergenmai.com

The itf is a platform for sharing real-life experiences, architecture and technology; it stands for developing visions that relate to the issue of “lightweight construction.” This Congress will showcase how forward-looking building can be implemented within the entire construction industry value chain. Experts will be discussing real-life issues, trends, innovative solutions and the future of feasibility.

Back to the city! Today, more than 50 % of the world’s population lives in urban settings. Yet with the increasing population density of metropolitan areas, the question arises as to the sustainability of the building processes that this trend involves. How can we swiftly resolve the conflict between strong demand and affordable living space, with the aim of energy- and resource-minimized structures? What qualities of life are offered by a very densely populated environment, how can people effectively safeguard their health and their recreational spaces?

Dry and lightweight construction systems offer an indispensable contribution to the building challenges of today and tomorrow, sustainably implementing their requirements with an invisible lightness. Like no other building method, dry and lightweight construction systems offer design freedom combined with comprehensive technological performance and cost-effective efficiency and flexibility, while conserving materials inputs.

itf 2011 will address architects, professional planners and designers, contractors, manufacturers and investors, for whom “sustainability” also means putting structural and architectural qualities to work for people. The itf will support this endeavor through presentations from the architecture and science communities, as well as real-life experiences. There will be reports on global contexts, international projects, current issues and forward-looking solutions. The event will be conducted in a climate-neutral manner*. You can look forward to getting to know leading thinkers, designers and implementers at itf 2011 and gaining insight into their planning approaches, individual views and detailed professional solutions. Benefit from the networking opportunities offered by this Congress.

We look forward to welcoming you in Darmstadt, Germany.

*All CO2 emissions produced in conjunction with the event will be tabulated, with compensation being made by means of CO2 certificates.